March Newsletter

Mar 17, 2022

CBS 8 San Diego: We take another deep dive into topics concerning our community. This is an ongoing conversation around immigration and the U.S.-Mexico Border. Click here to see the full story. 

Welcome to Gente Unida’s March newsletter!

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Things to Look Out For: 

We are continuing to fundraise on GoFundMe. Any donation helps us reach our goal. Link is here: Gente Unida GoFundMe 

If you have any events or fundraisers that you would like to promote, please email to have your information added to this section of our newsletter. We want to get the word out about any events that are for the betterment of the refugee and migrant community. 

Check out: 

What we did in February: 

  • We started our fundraising campaign on GoFundMe. Please donate what you can! Link is here: Gente Unida GoFundMe 

  • Ari Honarvar had her weekly dance sessions on Zoom.

  • We donated teddy bears, clothes, and other supplies to shelters in Baja + to Afghan refugees in San Diego. If you would like to donate, 

What we are doing in March:


Gente Unida supports our international community that continues to be under attack. We support the people of Ukraine, Yemen, and Afghanistan ALWAYS. 


  • As many of you know, Tio Camarillo, longtime caretaker of Chicano Park recently passed on. 

Here are a couple of articles to read if you want to know more: 

Chicano Park’s Guardian Angel

Tío del Parque Chicano

We are raising funds for Tíos funeral. Please email if you would like to donate any sum of money. ¡Que descanse en poder!

  • Ari Honarvar will continue to have her Saturday dance sessions on Zoom. 

  • We are continuing to send donations to shelters. If you have anything to donate, please emailenriquecmorones@gmail.comto get more information on where and how to donate.

  • We are planning an event to honor the Holtville Crash that killed 13 migrants in late March. Email will come out when plans are finalized. If you want to read up on this event, here’s an article: Holtville Crash 

  • Enrique Morones has 2 upcoming presentations, one to Harvard and one to Boston College.

  • And again, please donate anything to our GoFundMe page! Gente Unida GoFundMe 


What the Board Members Are Up To:

Juan Rosas (President) is in charge of our GoFundMe fundraising campaign. 

Ari Honarvar (Vice President), A Girl Called Rumi is available now: 

Marisol Rerucha (Secretary), Beyond the Surface of Restorative Practices is available now: 

“It speaks of the importance of our ancestors, of truly listening and opens my heart to restorative practices.” – Enrique Morones

Marisol Cortes (Treasurer)

Carmina Ramirez 

Jesus Nebot, Migrants in Danger Waiting for Asylum 

Peter Schey, Esq. wrote a letter, which you can read at this link: 

Thank you all again for your continued support of Gente Unida and our efforts to help migrant communities. 

On behalf of our Gente Unida family muchas gracias,

¡Amor, Si Se Puede! 

Gente Unida San Diego Team (619) 977-9467 501c3 # 84 323 1946