doTERRA Healing Hands Fundraiser

Ended July 27, 2021


Thank you all for your support! With the help of Healing Hands Foundation’s matching fund, we’ve been able to raise $13,285 for 4 migrant shelters in Mexicali and Tijuana so their residents are healthy, cared for, and live in sanitary conditions. 100% of the funds raised is going to these shelters. We will provide updates and pictures as soon as we have them. In the meantime, please support Gente Unida’s life-saving work by donating here:

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Gente Unida/Chicano Federation Drum Circles are Back!


is a Non-Profit 501c3 Human Rights Border Coalition

    Gente Unida is called to highlight those working for social justice and to find collective means to feed, protect, clothe and comfort those in our community that have limited access to resources due to their nationality, immigration status, age, gender, or political status.

Building Awareness

Educating others about immigration issues and changing perceptions about migrants

Education and Arts Programming

Educational and arts programs for Migrant/Refugee children, especially in partnership with migrant shelters in Baja California.

Speaking out & Standing Up

Advocating for migrants and striving to the meet their needs as they seek refuge in the United States.

Jesus Nebot Short Films



Ari in San Diego Union!

Ari in San Diego Union!

Please join me in congratulating Ari and join us September 22 @ Mystical Galaxy Book store. Be sure to pre order her book A GIRL CALLED RUMI as soon as possible, as it is selling out. (Part of proceeds for Gente Unida).     -Enrique