Final Resting Place

Nov 6, 2019

CBS 8 San Diego: We take another deep dive into topics concerning our community. This is an ongoing conversation around immigration and the U.S.-Mexico Border. Click here to see the full story. 

Credits: Tish Lampert
Date of Work: 07/14/19 – Ongoing
Updated: 11/06/19

Terrace Park Cemetery, Holtville California is home to the burial ground where over 600 migrants are laid to rest in unmarked grave sites. Bricks line up in imperfect rows a top the parched earth identifying each body who did not survive the extreme conditions in the desert. it is here where family members are able to put their loved ones in a solemn resting place.

This burial site has been full since 2009, Now the remains of migrant travelers are cremated and their ashes scattered in the ocean.