A society is judged by how it treats its children. Love is an action, not just a word

Feb 24, 2020

CBS 8 San Diego: We take another deep dive into topics concerning our community. This is an ongoing conversation around immigration and the U.S.-Mexico Border. Click here to see the full story. 

Spring into action, with GENTE UNIDA, Save the world, Save the dates. May 1 –  May 5,  2020.
Love has no Borders, join the wonders of art, photography, music & spoken word:
Events @ 4th & Spruce with Tish Lampert, Mario Torero, Sarah Bella Mondragon, Enrique Morones and more.
Fundraiser Info 619 977-9467 (Sponsorships from $ 2,500 – $ 10,000) Get out the Vote & Love l Gente Unida P.O. Box 86598 San Diego 92138  www.genteunida.net